People that are about to purchase an engagement ring, or some other precious piece of jewelry which is likely to have diamonds in it should stop and think about where those diamonds come from, and how they know if they are quality diamonds or not. Folks that don’t have a lot of knowledge about buying diamonds may assume that all diamonds are basically the same, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. There are hundreds of different things which can play a major part in the kind of quality a diamond has, and the best way to determine that the diamond is up to standards for all of those areas is by purchasing GIA certified diamonds. GIA certification has been the standard for diamond certification in the industry for decades, and it is currently the certification standard which is used by the three largest diamonds sellers in the country today. In this article we will highlight the three biggest reasons why people should only buy GIA certified stones.

When a person gets a stone which doesn’t hold a reputable certification certificate, the stone could be very hard to sell later on. Diamonds that are not certified might be almost impossible to sell, as diamond buyers tend to stay away from non-certified stones because of the risk that they are stolen. Online sites such as,, won’t even sell diamonds without GIA certification because of the risk which they run that their insurance will not cover non-certified diamonds. Anyone who is purchasing a non-certified diamond should be aware that if the diamond turns out to be stolen, it can be confiscated by the state without compensation for the purchaser. Folks that purchase a GIA certified stone Cn rest assure that the diamond has been bought and sold legally throughout its existence.

Loose diamonds which are not certified might be junk diamonds, a term used to describe diamond which have many flaws and which might not be worth anything. People that don’t have a lot of knowledge about diamonds might assume that any diamond is worth a lot of cash, as it is after all, a diamond. However, junk diamonds have so many flaws in them that they are often worthless, but may be passed off on unsuspecting buyers as quality diamonds. One of the first things which a GIA certification team does when examining a diamond is to make sure that the stone is flawless. Quality diamonds get GIA certification, and the rest get the boot.

Finally, a certified diamond is probably the only kind of diamond which your insurance company will cover. The vast majority of insurance providers will not cover a non-insured stone, and even if they will, it will finally be up the insurance company to decide how much the diamond is worth which has been lost or stolen. People that want to make sure their precious stones are well secured and not at risk of going without coverage, had better invest in diamonds which hold top certifications such as the GIA diamond certification.

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