This is why your weight loss plan didn’t work

If you have tried multiple diets over the years only to have them weight come back on, or never leave at all, there are a few reasons why.  Weight loss plans are not all created equal and some are meant to work with your body and some work directly against its natural processes.  So, below are six reasons why your diet might not have worked:

  1. Our weight normally fluctuates throughout the day.  So you might have thought you were failing when you truly were not.  Don’t place to much emphasis on the pound numbers each day, they will go up and down based on every little thing that you do.  Large numbers will show up if you keep at it.  Also pay closer attention to size and energy because they are a much better indicator of progress.
  2. The weight is mostly water.  If you are retaining water for any reason it could make you seem like you are heavier than you are.  Did you eat a very salty dinner?  Are you menstruating?  Drinking too much alcohol?  Cut back on certain things that you can avoid, like those salty meals.  And for the love of God don’t weight yourself while you’re on your period because that is just asking for trouble.
  3. Nothing is changing!  Sometimes with weight loss a plateau can be hit.  It is natural for your body to steady itself for a few days and it doesn’t mean that you aren’t doing everything right.  If you feel like you’re working hard but nothing is changing, just keep with it.  Perhaps try switching up the workout or eating something new.
  4. You aren’t noticing the details.  Weight loss is a holistic body change whether you want it to be or not.  If you want to see big results but all you have changed is how many nights a week you work out, you won’t be successful.  At least at first you need to make some big changes, like lowering overall sugar intake and getting enough sleep.  Big life changes won’t be changes at all if you only tweaked one little part of your day.  Go big or go home.
  5. You didn’t adjust for the weekend.  Research has shown that we tend to slow on our medical weight loss clinicweight loss progress over the weekend because we get out of the routine.  We tend to eat more and break the rules more over the weekend.  Weighing yourself each Monday morning is a terrible idea.  Stick with Friday mornings so that your whole plan isn’t thrown off by your weekend changes, and just be mindful of them.
  6. You have a medical issue.  Before starting your weight loss plan did you get a physical or see any health care professional?  Your weight issues could stem from an undiagnosed or untreated medical condition.  If you need hormone replacement or possibly a medication to regulate your endocrine system, that should be addressed first.  This could be a huge barrier for your progress, and your overall health, that you didn’t know about.

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