NYC has some of the best photography schools in the world, and also some of the best photographers that live and work right in the city. The world of photography has been changing a great deal over the last ten years, as the arrival of digital photography has changed how people in the photo world operate. This article is a meant to educate people in NYC about how NYC photographers work today and also to give some insight about how people can go about hiring a photographer in NYC when they need one.

Unlike in the past, modern day photographers are almost totally freelance, especially in NYC. There used to be countless unions and large companies that employed the majority of NYC photographers, but that started to change as the equipment became less and less expensive. Photographers began to buy their own cameras and lights, and they simply didn’t need to rely on a larger company to provide them with equipment. Once digital photography was introduced and film and development costs also disappeared, the majority of the large photography companies ceased to exist. If you run a web search for NYC photographers, you are going to find sites like,, and other small and independent photography professionals. The large companies that still exist tend to work exclusively with one large company which may be their only client. Even if a person wanted to hire a professional photographer for a big job, using a large NYC company to get the photographer is going to end up costing more than going through a smaller channel. The client might end up just paying extra to hire the same person that they could have hired directly instead of going through a third party.

The modern NYC photographer is more diverse than he was in the past. Finding a professional photographer that does only one specific type of work is not very common today. Modern photographers tend to consider being as diverse as possible the best way to stay in business. Some exceptions may be in areas like wedding photography or design photography which are areas that a photographer might dedicate his whole career towards. However, it is far more common to come across photographers that work in several different fields.

Today’s NYC photographer will likely have a more artistic touch than photographers from other parts of the country. In many of the country’s leading photo schools, the focus might be on product photography or brand photography, and so the student is likely to learn how to take photos with a clean, orderly style. In NYC schools the focus is on letting the students explore their own unique style of taking pictures. In fact, the liberty photo students are given in NYC is one of the main reasons why they are said to be the best photographers in the country, no matter what the subject matter of the photos may be. An NYC photographer brings a certain amount of intimacy to their pictures which makes them much more effective photos.

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