Properly Differentiating a Temp Agency from a Staffing Agency

When a person is looking to find a job, one of the most common misconceptions that can be encountered is that a staffing agency and a temp agency are both the same thing. However, for any job seeker out there especially for fresh grads, it is important to note that agency staffing and temporary agency are not the same thing and although they have their similarities, they are both different approaches to job finding and today we are going to point out the differences for a better understanding of both a staffing agency and a temp agency.

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Now it terms of similarities, both a staffing agency and a temp agency are able to perform basically the same things and also provide very identical services. For a more in depth look, both a staffing agency and a temp agency share these following characteristics:

  • Tend to a number of clients in the corporate industry
  • Take requests from their clients in filling jobs
  • Look at their worker database and search for the ideal employee
  • Fill in positions temporarily for their clients

It can be understood that the employees provided by both temp agencies and agency staffing are only temporary and only needed by the client company for only a short period of time. Now temporary positions usually open up due to the following reasons:

  • There is a time of heightened business activity and more work needs to be done
  • Full-time employees go on long leaves such as vacations and maternity leaves
  • Special projects come up and deadlines have to be met

Businesses and companies that open up temporary positions are able to take advantage of the flexibility that comes with it and with the constantly changing nature of the employee industry this will allow the business to really improve their overall productivity. A temporary position is to be valued and they benefit not only the employer but the people who get into these positions.

Now it cases where a temporary position is opened and a business is looking to hire temporary employees, they can go to a temp agency or a staffing agency. But as we have discussed, they are not the same thing despite the fact that they provide the same service and cater to the same type of clients What is important to note about staffing agencies is that they also put some focus to the needs of their clients in the long run.

So as someone looking for a job, what would this mean for you? Well basically a staffing agency will give you more than just assignments that are temporary. Job seekers are also able to receive assignments that can go from temporary to direct and there are also cases wherein one can actually be able to get an assignment that is direct hire.

To put it basically, staffing agencies are much better compared to temp agencies. This is because agency staffing can offer job seekers both temporary to direct positions as well as positions that directly hire you and they also help you access a wider variety of opportunity.

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