How weather leads to the need for residential roof repair

The roof of your home takes a beating from the weather regardless of where you live. If your area has recently gone through some severe weather, then you should probably look for damage and whether or not you need roof repair. Missing or broken shingles, cracks, dents, holes, and leaks are common after bad storms. High winds can also lead to bends and curls in shingles. It can also tear them away. Damaged shingles can cause damage to the bonds that hold a roof together.

Ice and snow are pretty to look at and fun to play in. However, they can cause several problems for your roof. Not only do falling ice and snow damage to the lower parts of your roof, you can also end up with ice dams and icicles that can be problematic and cause leaks that can damage the inside of your home. If that is not enough, if the snow that accumulates along the eaves of your roof becomes heavy it can put pressure on the structural integrity of your roof. If you have narrow eaves, they can cause walls to be covered with ice and they will eventually deteriorate. This can cause you to need residential roof repair.

Not only can ice and snow cause damage to your roof, but hail damages roofing, as well. It can dent any and all metal, including that which helps secure your roof. Hail can also cause the granules of the asphalt to become compromised or knocked off. Additionally, deterioration through dents and dimples can crack your roof tiles if the hail hits hard enough. If your roof takes a straight-on hit, even more, severe problems can result. It is important to understand that the angle of the hail, which is caused by the wind, and that, combined with the pitch of the roof will determine the severity of the damage that results.

Cold weather is not the only thing that can cause residential roofing problems. They can also result from summer storms. If you live in someplace that has more summer than winter, or if your summers are particularly hot, then be advised that prolonged exposure to high temperatures can cause damage to your roof. The severity of the damage depends on the direction your roof faces. This is because depending on where you home is built, it can be exposed to the sun for longer periods of time. This extended exposure to extreme heat can lead to cracks or curling of your shingles. This may cause deterioration in the weak spots of your roof.

While you can take it upon yourself to clean and maintain your roof, it can be dangerous. This is especially true if you do it without the proper tools and know-how. You can end up falling from the roof and injuring yourself, you can also cause irreparable damage to your roof. Therefore, it is best to call a professional roofing contractor as not only do they have the experience to get the job done, they also know how to use the latest tools and methods.

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