The government was the leading fire apparatus manufacturer in this country up till the last 80’s, at which time the federal government, in a very intelligent move, decided to let the open market compete in the production of firefighting equipment. The difference in the quality of parts, as well as the rapid advancement in technology has been key in helping to form more efficient and better fire departments all across the nation. The last ten years have been marked by an amazing array of new equipment that has made firefighting less dangerous for the brave men and women that work in the field, as well as creating a fire service which can battle fires in a way that was not previously seen. In this article we take a look at some of the amazing new fire apparatus which have helped to improve the field of firefighting today.

Companies such as,, have started to provide fire stations all across the country with new fire suits which allow firefighters to move faster, and stay safer than ever before. The new fire suits that are being produced today are arguably the most important innovation in firefighting equipment to come along in the last thirty years. The fire suits which firefighters wore in the past were bulky and very heavy, meaning that a firefighter’s ability to move fast through a burning building was seriously limited. The material used in older suits was also limited because it was only able to provide a few minutes or protection against extreme heat. Now today’s fire suits are made from thinner material with a far greater capacity for keeping heat out. The suits are around eight pounds lighter than those that came before them, and as any firefighter will tell you; eight pounds is a huge difference when you are running through a burning building which might collapse, and with temperatures around you reaching 130 degrees or more.

Another way in which new types of custom fire apparatus are making firefighters more effective is with new tools that allow firefighter to locate where people are who may be trapped in a building without entering the danger zone. The most dangerous moment for a firefighter is when he or she has to enter a burning structure in order to check for victims who may be trapped within. Firefighting technology has started to rely on drones as a way to get a view of the inside of a fire zone in order to find out if people may be stuck inside. Using drones with cameras attached to them has probably already saved dozens of firefighter’s lives over the past few years, and companies which produce drones designed to find victims of fires are constantly advancing the ability of their drones to be able to find people in all kinds of emergency situations. Anything that helps locate people faster, and keeps firefighters out of harm’s way, is a tool which firefighters and citizens all over the country should be very happy to have.

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