Business Tips: Real Estate Marketing

The industry of real estate has its ups and downs. The competition among real estate businesses these days is quite fierce. It will take much effort to stand out from the crowd. Online skills and offline real estate marketing skills are needed so that potential customers will notice you. Right now, real estate businesses are taking their marketing plans to the web. It shows that when buyers are looking to buy a new house, 92% of them start their search online. So if you want to engage majority of your potential customers, you’ll have to take it online. Here are some tips you can follow to help market your real estate business online:

  1. Set up social media accounts and pages – With the majority of the population taking things to social media, you will also want to be part of the connection. Large social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and Pinterest should be in your arsenal for marketing. Through these, you can post updates on your business and people can share it. You can even interact with your customers through these mediums. But, you could have better credibility as a business by having a web site with a good real estate web design style and format.
  2. Have social sharing in your pages – When potential customers are browsing through your real estate business page, they might stumble upon something they really like and will want to easily share it with their friends and family. You have to make it so that this will be an ease for them and won’t go through much trouble to get word out.
  3. Keep track of competition – You have the internet at your hands. With this you can check up on how your competitors are doing. Check out their websites and their activity on their social media pages. When you are keeping track of their actions, you will learn what mistakes they have made and know what to avoid doing in the future.
  4. Make it easy to contact you – When you are setting up a page on social media or creating a website, make sure to have a separate space to place all your contact info which customers can easily see. Make this area easily seen and design it to grab the attention of people. Once they see it, they will know how to contact you easily. You can make use of good real estate SEO strategies to direct traffic to your site.
  5. Have an animated video – Animated videos are a great way to capture a person’s attention and at the same time inform them about your business. I personally love animated videos – they make things much more understandable through cute and short instructional. How the video is animated will also reflect who you are as a brand.
  6. Have your website to be mobile friendly – You will find that a lot of internet users these day use mobile devices to browse the net. So if you want these mobile users to be able to access you website, you will want to make it as mobile friendly as possible. You also have the option of creating a separate mobile app that users can download to take a look around your business and acquire your contact info.