Mining American Minerals & Other Resources

Mining is the process of extracting valuable American minerals and other geological materials from inside earth. These are mined from an ore bodies, lodes, veins, seams, or reefs. These become the mineralized package that would be of value to the miner and have an interest in the economy.

Ores that are gained through mining processes can come with traces of  metal, coal, oil, shale,  gems,  limestone, dimension stones, salt, potash, gravel, and even some clay. Mining is the process made use when obtaining any material that cannot be produces through farming processes, or created by humans in a lab or manufactured inside a factory. Mining as understood in a wider sense covers the extraction of any  resource such as petroleum, natural gas (which are non-renewable resources) or even water from inside the earth itself.

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The process of mining of metal and stones from under the earth has been going on ever since pre-history. Over time the processes of mining have modernized and now include the prospection of an ore body, as well as analyzing the profit potential of the mine that is being prospected.  There is also the process of extracting of the materials being looked for and doing the final reclamation of the land that was mined after the closing of the said mine.

The nature of the processes done during mining can create a negative impact environmentally during the mining processes is undergoing as well as in the future even after the mine has already been closed. Because the negative impacts brought about by mining, countries all over the world have started to follow certain regulations that are made to help control these negative impacts that are brought about by the process of mining. Safety has also had a great influence on mining. Many of the processes have over time improved with taking account of the safety of the area and the workers themselves. Even family owned mineral companies professionalize their processes to abide with those regulatory requirements.

During mining, heavy machines are brought in to mine and explore the tunnels as well as help in the development of the site. The large machines are also called in during the removal of any rocks as well as stock them inside with ease and breaking down any hard to break materials that would pose a challenge for human strength alone to get through the mine. In every mining operation you will most likely see some bulldozers, drills, trucks, and even explosives to help the miners. During a placer mining operation, oralluvium as well as unconsolidated gravel is being fed into the machines which have a hopper, ortrommel that helps segregate the materials for mining from any wastes that would have come with it. Concentration is done using a jig or sluice.

When sinking shafts, stope excavation, as well as mining some samples to analyze, a large drill is used. For the transportation of the workers as well as any waste materials and the desired mineral, a tram is used. When going down and up out from the mine, the miners take the lift. When working on the surface, there are trucks and cranes to move large ores and materials. American mineral companies usually follow the same processes.