Basic Steps in Installing a Truck Bed Storage System

Trucks are one of the most versatile vehicles out there. When you have a truck not only can you carry around passengers but other heavy objects as well, object that no regular automobile would be able to bring around. In terms of storage space, trucks aren’t in any shortage of it. At the back of the truck there is a large amount of space to put stuff as big as a refrigerator or two. It can even serve as extra space for passengers who don’t mind sitting on the truck bed.


extending bed

However, there is a way to work with the space in the truck bed and make it more efficient. Today, we are going to look into the installation of a Truck Bed Organizer or storage system. Make sure you are using a strong plywood and quality screws so that you can still store heavy items on top.

1.) Measuring and Designing – Not all trucks are made the same and the dimensions of the bed would vary which is why it is important to get the proper measurements so as to be able to make a truck bed organizer that would fit in properly at the back. Other than taking note of the truck bed dimensions it is also important to put into consideration the stuff you’ll be putting into the organizer so it will fit well inside the organizer as well.

2.) Building the organizer – Creating a truck bed organizer is just like creating a large box. Using the dimensions that you have gotten from the truck bed you can now start working on the frame of your Truck Bed Organizer. Take note that the organizer will be divided into different drawers so as you construct the main box, also measure the divisions that you want in the box itself.

3.) Construct the drawers in the box – Once the main frame of the box has been constructed with the dividers inside, you can then proceed to making the drawers that go into those dividers. Now when you are building the drawers make sure that you already have in mind what you will store inside the organizer. You don’t want to finish building everything only to find out that the stuff you wanted to put into it doesn’t fit.

4.) Paint the organizer – Once you are finishing constructing your truck bed organizer, you can then work on its paintjob because you don’t want your truck bed organizer to stick out like a sore thumb when you have installed in on your truck. Look for a paint that matches the color of your truck and use it to paint your truck bed organizer.

5.) Install the organizer – When the paint has already dried, you can now install the truck bed organizer into the back of your truck. Before you do so, make sure all the drawers have been removed so that you won’t have to lift a lot of weight. Once you have put the Truck Bed Organizer onto your truck’s bed, you can now put the drawers back and store the things that you need to bring.

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