A Few Different Types of Dental Braces

One of the most common dental treatments performed in the dental industry is with braces. Braces are used to help correct teeth which are in misalignment and crooked. The end result of wearing braces is a set of teeth that look perfectly aligned and in the right position. The dental professionals that work with braces are orthodontists. Dentists that have trained in orthodontics may also work with braces. If you are considering getting braces you might first want to know about the different types of braces which are what we are going to talk about today allowing you to determine which one suits you best.



1.) Traditional metal wires braces – The most common type of braces, traditional braces are made from stainless steel and may be combined with titanium. This type makes use of an elastic band wrapped around the bracket holding the metal wire in place.

2.) Self-ligating braces – The second most common type, self-ligating braces are a sub type of traditional braces. The difference between traditional and self-ligating is that the latter doesn’t have an elastic band holding the metal wire onto the bracket and is simply directly held by the bracket itself.

3.) Gold-plated braces – Gold plated braces are designed for patients who have an allergy to the materials used in most braces particularly the metal nickel which is part of the main material used, stainless steel. Wearing gold plated braces may also be considered a fashion statement.

4.) Clear braces – The main aspect of clear braces which appeals to many people is the fact that it is clear as the name implies. Because of this, people won’t notice that you are wearing clear braces. The material used is ceramic or plastic but it functions just as well as regular braces.

5.) Titanium braces – Similar to gold plated braces, titanium braces are also hypoallergenic making them a great alternative for those allergic to the usual materials in braces. The advantage of titanium braces is that they are lighten and stronger though this comes at higher price point.

6.) Lingual braces – Lingual braces are just any other braces, making use of the same metal brackets and metal wires to correct the alignment of your teeth. The difference is that with lingual braces the metal brackets are attached to the back of the tooth making them practically hidden.

7.) Customized braces – This type of braces is constructed using computer software by creating a 3D image from the mouth of the person allowing the orthodontist to properly customize the braces to fit the person’s mouth giving him a personal experience.

8.) A-braces – A concept of braces being developed which allows the wearer himself to adjust and control the braces removing the need for frequent appointments to the dentist making it slightly more convenient than other options.

9.) Multi loop edgewise archwire braces – Also known as MEAW for short, this type of braces makes of a metal wire which is looped around each of the patient’s tooth. By doing so, the orthodontist can easily make the proper vertical adjustments making It great for bite complications.

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